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Come on...


Come on!


"HURRY UP!" I shouted and regretted it as soon as I said it

"Mr. Jones! Another outburst like that and I'll make sure to enroll you into summer school in a heartbeat!" I bit my lip and sighed glaring at that stupid clock, why won't time go faster??? I HATED being in Ms. Karpusi's class!

I tap my fingers on the desk waiting for the teacher to get her eyes off me, I tried all year to get on her good side but I picked on her son, Heracles, in middle school, because he was from Greece and I kept saying he had a funny accent and I called him a bear because he almost slept through each class. But I mean hey I was a kid, kids are stupid! Though it was meant as a joke… it was kinda funny. But he was kind of chubby then and so everyone thought I was calling him fat- but I was never THAT mean! Heck I wasn't even mean, just stupid! But he didn't even notice since he slept all the time, and still does!
I mean he always is asleep, but gets decent grades.

But his mom still hated me, and the fact I got her for a teacher as a Freshman homeroom teacher sucks! Mainly because she would catch me if I ever whispered in class and give me detention. She would always assume I'm the one who got her car towed… though I was. That I was the one who put her in the raffle for a date with the principal… okay that was me too but anyway! She still doesn't have the right to ALWAYS assume it's me!!!
At least summers about to start in





"One!!!" I pump my fists in the air screaming but when I'm only greeted by everyone's eyes on me and everyone's conversations stopped to stare at me. I blinked and looked at the clock glaring a bit through my glasses.


Darn I must've been off by 1.


"Finally!!!" I jumped up and grabbed my dusty brown bag and put on my bombers jacket. Everyone else cheered and the teacher sighed happily and I think I saw her glare at me evilly again… thank God I wont have to see her anymore. Everyone started leaving and I waved through the crowd of people and then went to my best buds.

"Kiku! Toris! Dudes!!!" Kiku pushes some of the coal black bangs from his pale doll shaped face and grabbed his special Japanese knapsack bag and bowed, he's been in the US for like 8 years (and my friend for 5) but still isn't used to how we do things in the US. He was the gentlest of people though, but not in a lame way.

"Hello Alfred-kun." he smiles and I can tell that even he, the straight A student, happy to be out of school. I don't think he liked Ms. Karpusi either, she was kinda…strict. I grin and we do our ultra awesome handshake and I pump my fist in the air laughing

"Ahahahahaha this summers gonna ROCK!" I grin and turn to see my other bud Toris coming this way, his oak tree colored hair barely touching his broad shoulders.

"Hi Alfred, I see your excited to be out of school." Toris has been my best friend since 3rd grade, he's always been there whenever I needed him, I laugh and wrap an arm around them

"Hell yeah! Sooo dudes I was thinking we could-" As I was going to tell them my awesome summer plans Feliciano came in humming something, his bright chestnut eyes searching until he found Kiku and ran to us smiling, and Ludwig came behind him in to our classroom, his bright blue eyes once again very serious looking and his softly colored blonde hair gelled back perfectly, freak'n perfectionist man!

"Kikuuuuuuuuuuu~!" Feliciano leaps onto Kiku and almost makes us all fall back because of the extra weight.

"F-Feliciano-san! B-Be careful!!!"

"W-Whaaa! Alfred dont let us fall!!!"


"W-Wooooow! Feli dude, calm down!" I hold us all with my awesome strength and Ludwig comes over grabbing Feliciano by his shirt

"Sorry, Kiku are you ready to get going?" I blink and look at him

"Where ya going Kiku?" My Japanese friend is looking down a bit sheepishly with a small blush on his  usually pale-ish cheeks

"L-Ludwig-san, Feliciano-kun and myself are going to Italy for the summer, then a trip to Germany, and if we have enough time and money, even Asia- Japan I mean." My mouth drops, he's LEAVING?! Without even giving me a few weeks' notice?!!?

"W-Whaaaa? Kiku?? You're leaving me? Without even letting me know? That's cold dawg!!!" I hold onto his sleeve and I can tell he feels bad.

"Alfred, let go of him, he did tell you, he told everyone. It's been on his facebook wall for 4 months, we've been planning this from the start of the school year." Oh that would explain all those people saying 'good luck Kiku' and 'have a nice time Kiku' on his FB wall... thought he got laid or was going to get laid... or something!

"O-Oh yeah... I forgot about that, heh sorry Kiku." I let him go and he goes with Feli and Ludwig, his eyes still holding concern in them, and that's why I'm glad I have a best friend like him. He says still quietly,

"Alfred-kun I'm still sorry... Will you be okay? I mean you still have Toris-san." I smile a bit

"Yeah, me an' Toris will be fine!!!" I feel Toris look down, crap.

"A-Actually... Alfred..." Then a blonde shoulder length haired dude swaying his hips and batting his green half lidded eyes, aka Toris's childhood friend Felik's comes into our class too.

"Tooooory~ Like come on! My mom's like waiting for us to like totally get going!" I sigh and let my arm drop from his shoulder

"You're leaving with Feliks right?" Toris nods and smiles but he's still looking nervous and sad

"Yeah, I'm so so sorry Alfred!" I shrug and force a smile

"Duuuude! Its fine! I got loads of other friends!" The way I said it sounded so mean and Toris flinched a bit, great. So far this summer is turning out really crappy.

"Like come ON Tory! My mom will totally get mad at me if we take too much longer!!!" Feliks starts tugging Toris's sleeve

"We'd better get going too. Come on Feliciano, Kiku." Ludwig starts leaving with Feli behind him holding Kikus hand.

"B-Bye Alfred-kun! You can call and text me if you wish!" And then the bff trio is off to have a totally awesome summer.

"Bye Kiku! Have fun dudes! Bring me back some cool stuff!!!" I say trying to sound excited for him, he's always wanted to learn more about the world, but I'm gonna miss him.

"Alright Feliks, bye Alfred!" They both wave and I wave with a small sad smile.

"Ya... see you guys..." and as they left I sighed and leaned on a random desk.

"A-Al your on my stuff..." I jumped up, what the hell?!

"O-Oh Mattie! Dude you scared me!... Wait you have this class??" He sighs and nods

"We've been through this Al, we have ALL the same classes, but anyway why are you so out of it? Is it because your two best friends already had plans?" Man Mattie is smart!

"H-Heh hey! Heroes have back-up plans man! Liiiiiiiiiike~" I wink and nudge his side and he pushes his glasses up

"Al I told you, Francis asked me to go with him to France, there's a university I was thinking of going to there or Canada, and since Francis already got accepted to the one out there that I'm shooting for he said I could go too." I stare at him like he's lost his mind,

"Francis? Francis?! That perv??? Dude he was almost suspended for peeking into the girls locker room, then again for peeking at other boys in the boys locker room!!! He would probably be suspended if he wasn't so close to the Principle!"  Matt showed little concern, which made me a bit pissed,

"Feli's grandfather is a good judge of character, Francis isn't THAT bad... most of the time... some of the time...." I sigh

"Fine. Even my own brother is leaving me!!!" I sigh and lay on his desk pretending to faint.

"Mr. Jones, the bell has rung, I've had to deal with you for an entire school year- just PLEASE go home!" I pout and sit up

"Ya ya, fine! Come on Mattie!" I grab his hand and he franticly grabs his remaining items and puts them in his purple backpack, I tried to talk him out of it thinking it was too girly, until we saw Feliks that had hearts and was all pink... or Frances that was all light blue with clouds and roses. Giiiiiiiiiiiirly!

"Wah! I-I have to go meet up with Francis Al!!!" I roll my eyes

"I know! We're going to his classroom! Duh Mattie!" We run to class 1-A a few of the Juniors were leaving.

"Aye you guys, Lude's leaving with his friends today, why don't you come over and we can get ready for the rave tonight!" As we got closer we could hear Mr. Albino talking

"Ahaha sorry man, me and Lovino are going on a date first~" We look inside and see Francis sitting in his desk talking to some foreign exchange girl from Seychelles or something.

"Hey Frenchy!" I yell walking in and he looks up and says goodbye to the girl and checking out her ass as she walks past us.

"Ahh if it isn't my favorite glasses duo~ Mon cheri' Mattieu and... Alfred. 'Ello what can I do for you?" He rests his chin on his knuckle and Matt steps forward

"Um h-hello Francis… um I came here to ask… w-well… F-Francis, when are we leaving?" Francis smiles and rubs his goatee as Mattie blushes like he's confessing his love or something.

"Dude you look like an evil super villain from some lame old movie." He keeps smiling and says in a sarcastic tone

"And you look like an idiotic American whose going to be all alone this summer. And we shall depart tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m, I'll pick you up." I go wide eyed.

"Oh okay, thank you Francis! This really does mean a lot!" Matt says smiling and I cross my arms defensively.

"Heh what do you m-mean??" I say trying not to show him how freaked out I am! How'd he know??

"Honono when you blush you almost look as cute as Mattieu~ And its obvious your going to be alone for the rest of your life gras~" Matt blushes deeper and laughs a bit and I glare

"Stupid French fry! I sooo am not gonna be alone!"  He raises an eyebrow and scoffs making me get more angry

"All of your younger friends, have older siblings, friends and cousins, also known as my friends~ Yao, Antonio, Ivan~" I grimaced at his name, I HATED Ivan! He was such a jack ass!

"Well I have other friends! Everyone!" France gave me a 'are-you-serious?' look. I glared and turned around "Whatever, come on Mattie let's go!"

"Oh Mattieu~ Why don't you let me give you a ride home? Hm?" I roll my eyes walking, thinking Mattie was right behind me until I realized there was only one pair of steps and they were mine.

"Mattie?" I turn around and he's standing where I had just walked away from, damn it.

"Sorry Al, but I think I might take him up on his offer, I'll see you at home 'kay?" I clench my fists and snap

"I don't care! Stay in France with that stupid bastard! Don't even come home!" I storm out feeling the knot of anger in my stomach slowly coming undone and turning into guilt, what did I just do? I go to the courtyard to get some air and sit on the nearest stone bench, taking in all the nature around me, that's one of things I liked best about this place, it had a lot of nature and I may be a proud American but hey, I even gotta admit this kind of nature at a highly populated high school? That's rare!

"Ah… now I get why Kiku and Matt like bird-watching and stuff..." I listened and could hear almost everything around me, I took off my glasses and put them aside on the marble bench and put my face in my hands "man I'm such a screw up sometimes..." After a few minutes of sulking I heard someone clear their throat, trying to get my attention

"Excuse me?"

"Huh?" I lift my head curious cuz I have never heard such a clear British accent like that and I see a guy with really bright green eyes like emeralds, and sunny blonde hair. "Oh uh hold on a sec dude" I put my glasses on and his eyes pop out more and he's holding a backpack on one shoulder and the BIGGEST eyebrows I've ever seen!

"Whoa dude!!! Y-Your eye-" when he raises one of them and crosses his arms and I notice a red bandanna that says 'UK' across it and with black checkers on it, and I look at him closer, he could be my age, maybe a bit older from how his features are.  But he's got such a little angry kids face its kinda cute.

"My eye? What about it?" I close my mouth and smile, something about this guy... makes me smile, dunno what but I stand up

"Heh nothing, so uh do you go here?" He blinks and smiles a bit deviously, weird this little fella could pull of that look,

"Do I look like I go here?" I frown and put my hands in my bombers jacket pockets, what's his problem?

"Guess not, so what do you want?" I say a bit harshly but his face doesn't change much except he rolls his eyes

"Well do you know a Francis Bonnefoy? I need to speak with him," I groan and sigh

"Frenchy? You mean the dude with the beard?" He nods and makes a face, apparently disliking Francis is a universal thing,

"Oh wait where are my manners. I'm Arthur Kirkland, I'll be going here next year, as you can tell I transferred here from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." Huh Arthur Kirkland...

"Hey there I'm Alfred F. Jones, awesome to meet you Arthur!" I reach out and he looks at my hand and hesitantly shakes it, I feel his warm hand and my cheeks start burning "A-And Francis might still be here... uh well here I'm not so good at directions but let me just take you to him." He nods and let's go, the warmth is gone. I turn around and we start walking back to A-1.

"So... how do you know Frenchy?" I try to create some type of conversation, but it's hard when he's a real quiet type of guy,

"We grew up together, sort of. I lived in England till I was about 5 then sadly had to move to France for my father's work. Our Fathers worked together so we saw each other a lot, we weren't really friends but we did spend a lot of time together, though I moved away when I was 11 back to the UK, we kept in touch so I suppose you could say were... somewhat close. How about you?" I keep looking forward, what do I say?

"Uh I don't really know him that well; my half bro Mattie and him are really close though. Truthfully I can't stand the guy, he's too much-"

"He's too perverted?" I blink and glance at him, his face is crossed between annoyed and serious, his eyes half lidded and he says smoothly "Yeah he's always been like that, one of the reasons I don't like him myself, bloody frog." I smiled and laughed

"Dude I think you and me will probably get along just fine!" I wrap a arm around his shoulders and he blushes

"W-Whoa git!!!" I laugh and I can see the smile hes holding back "y-your heavy Alfred!" I laugh and think how maybe this summer won't be so bad after all!

[3 Weeks Later]

"Artie!!!" My blonde friend jumped and turned around as I glomped him to death!

"O-Ow! Bloody git get off!!!"  I laugh and hold onto him as he blushes oh so cutely! I get off him and he taps his watch impatiently,

"Oh... uh hahaha sorry dude, I kinda lost track of time- I'm only 10 minutes late!!!"

"15 minutes late!" I pout out my upper lip and his gaze softens but he still looks pissed. I grin and take out a little stuffed unicorn toy and hand it to him

"Sorry but I had to look for THIS for ya dude, I saw it the other day in my moms room and asked her if I could have it! She kinda looked at me funny though..." Artie looked all confused for a sec then he smiled a bit and took it

"You git... thanks, it's really adorable!" He kissed its nose and I laughed

"Hahaha your welcome dude, but you can be sooo girly sometimes ya know??" he punched my arm playfully and tried to look all mean, but he still smiled.

"Whatever git, now ready for the big game?" I grinned and nodded walking down the street with him by my side, ya see, I decided to take up baseball with most of my buddies gone. But... I can't say I'm too sad their gone, because ever since I met Arthur... life has been so different, I feel different! I cant really explain it, but he's affected me in so many ways, maybe because he's so weird? I mean he's totally different from anyone I've ever met!

Let me tell you what I mean, after I took him to meet Francis, he and the beardy dude immediately started fighting. Then he told Arthur about Hetalia Academy and then appointed me his  guide and said we made a perfect pair. Not sure what he meant. But either way Arthur and I somehow became close friends, and since Arties parents died in a accident a few years back, he was taken care of by his older bros and now that they're all in collage, except for his little bro Peter, (but he was sent to live with his cousins in Australia due to the fact Artie can't cook and he didn't get along with his lil bro too well).

And well that means he's been living alone, and since I'm kinda alone except for me and my folks, we spend a lot of time together. I mean I really don't wanna stay home a lot. I love them, and since Arthur tells me how fortunate I am I know to really appreciate them I try not complain or comment too much on it. But I mean its summer! And well, two lonely dudes are better than 1, right?

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do... two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one~" Artie looks up at me

"What the bloody hell are you mumbling?" I smile and shrug

"Noth'n. Come on; let's get going we might be late!!!" I start sprinting and he tries to keep up with me, I smile and feel the sun shine, "Hey Artie, have you ever really enjoyed feeling the sun on you?" I turn my head to look back at him and his bangs are flying in front of his face covering his big green eyes a bit and he's got a bit of a frown and he's already breathing hard, man he's got the nerve to call ME outta shape?

"I s-suppose, but I don't fully enjoy it as much as you seem to do!" He yells it a bit since he's falling farther and farther behind me. I sigh and roll my eyes still grinning. I slow down a bit and take his wrist pulling him with me

"Artie!!! Come on! Coach is gonna cut one of us if we're late again!!!" I'm just kidding though, since Artie and I are his most loyal members, plus coach is such a pussy-cat! He's so weird, he's Feliciano & Lovino's  grandfather  and the dean/principle of Hetalia Academy but he looks really young and is always going out with women waaaay younger than him!

"A-Alfred slow down! I can't keep up!!!" I look to his face and its all red and his eyes are a bit wide and shinning, his hair is flying out of his face and he just… he looks soooo cute!!! I feel my heart thump and my face burn- then I feel my face hit a large pole and stop almost falling back,

"Ow! Son of a bi-" I stop because Arthur smacks into my back and I knock into the pole again knocking my brains out.

"Ah ow… you stupid idiot- Bloody hell Alfred! Are you alright??" I turn to give him a thumbs up. When I turned he was just sitting up since he knocked into me so hard he fell on his back knocking the wind outta him and he was rubbing his head.

"N-Never better! The hero doesn't get hurt that easily!" I feel a bit light headed and something warm running down my forehead. Arthur's eyes are panicked as he stood and he grabbed hold of my arms and leaned in. My face is now really heating up and I back up into the pole again which made me hiss at the added measures of pain.

"Idiot stay still, you bleeding!" I force open my eyes and push up my glasses and took in what he said.

"…NOOOOO!!!" I hang my head and crouch leaving Arthur probably confused. How could I be bleeding when this is for our team?? I'm like the star player!  We worked so hard for this!

"Alfred stop being a cry baby and get up, it's not that serious, though we'd better take you to the E.R… before it gets serious." He takes my arm and I snatch it back staying in my crouched position,

"No! I'm going to that game; you know how hard we work!" He sighs and crouches across from me into a similar position. I look at him and my glasses are falling a bit but this time he pushes them up then wipes the blood that started trickling down my cheek and takes out a hankie he always carries with him, he embroidered the letter A on it in a really fancy way. He wiped the blood and put some pressure on my forehead and I closed my eyes

"I know this means a lot to you Alfred, but don't worry. They may not have their star batter but they do have their star runner." I open my eyes and see him giving me a serious look…but it's not like the mean kind of face he usually makes, its more… a bit desperate. I think he's really worried about me, it's written all over his face, I sigh and nod.

"Guess your right… 'least they got Berwald the second bestest pitcher…" I smile looking at him and he blushes a bit and looks away mumbling something like 'bestest isn't a word git.' Cuz ya see, I may be the bestest (it's an American word in my dictionary) batter, and Vash may be the fastest runner, but England is the best pitcher I have ever seen! He strikes so many guys out, I don't need to even wait long before our teams up to bat!

"Well, let's get going, I'll call coach and tell him we can't make it." I sigh and blink.

"Wait, 'we'? Artie you can still go. Look its just a little boo boo. I'll be fine going to the Hospital alone. You go and save them from defeat! If they don't have me the bestest batter-"

"Its best you idiot. B-E-S-T. Best, 'bestest isn't a word." Ignoring his comment I continued,

"They HAVE to have their BEST pitcher!" I grin and stand up offering him my hand.  "Or else I won't be relaxed knowing that our team will be fine." I soften my grin to a smile and he's looking up at me like a kid who sees a spark of magic. He slowly takes my hand and stands up and squeezes it smirking.

"Well when you put it like that… fine. I'll go play, you go and take care of yourself, I'll take care of the team." I laugh and pull him into a hug

"That's what I like to hear!" He usually doesn't like it when I show him any affection, but this time he paused and patted my back and then pushed me away playfully still smiling with that determined look.

"Shut up git. Now I'd better get going, take this, see ya! I'll call you after the game!!" He shoved his hankie into my hand and ran towards the baseball diamond where today's game was being held. I smiled and looked back for one more time then started walking towards the hospital.

"Why do I smile whenever he's smiling…? Huh. Weird. Maybe I'm sick…"

[Numerous Hours Later]

I got back from the hospital after hearing I'm lucky I have such a thick skull that I only broke through the skin and will only have a bruise their but it should be gone in a few days. It was already 6:42 pm though, the game ended at 6:30. Why didn't he call me yet? Arthur's usually so on time about things. I took out my phone and saw it was dead, oops.

I got up and looked for my charger and plugged in my phone, I turned it on and saw I had 8 voicemails, 11 texts, and 6 missed calls. What the hell? I checked my texts first, 6 from Yong, 4 from Elizaveta, and 1 from Coach. Yeah Coach has my number; he has all of ours just in case a game changed. But what was weird was…none from Arthur. I looked at Yongs first,

{4:47} Im Yong Soo: Waz up (: Yuu on ur way yet??
(Translation: What's up? You on your way yet??)

{5:05} Im Yong Soo: Yuu better b on ur way or ur gonna be late AGAIN.
(Translation: You better be on your way or you're going to be late AGAIN)

{5:15} Im Yong Soo: Eyyy Al were r yuu?? Yuu gonna be late again? You wid Arthur ryte?
(Translation: Hey Al where are you? You're going to be late again? You're with Arthur right?)

{5:22} Im Yong Soo: Heyyy Arthurs here but were r yuu??
(Translation: Hey Arthur's here but where are you??)

{5:30} Im Yong Soo: DUDE WERE ARE YOU?? Arthurs kickn ass but we need yuu!
(Translation: Dude where are you?? Arthur's kicking ass but we need you!)

(Translation: OMG Al you have to get here now, some shit is going down!!!!!)

… That can't be good. And he really needs to stop texting like that. Arthur would have a hard time reading that with his old man ways. But what happened at the game I wonder? My stomach started doing back flips worrying about the first person who came to mind, Arthur. My parents were both out on a date so I know their okay. I look at Elizaveta's texts next, but her texting is worse than Yong's.

{4:55} Elizaveta Héderváry: Y0ud bEttEr n0t be lte g@!n J0nE$!!!
(Translation: You'd better not be late again Jones!!!)

{5:11} Elizaveta Héderváry: J0nE$ yUU re s000000000000 DEd!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Translation: Jones, you are sooooooo DEAD!!!!!!!!!)

{5:23} Elizaveta Héderváry: L0L J0nE$ yUU $h0Uld bE hErE!!! RthuR$ doing grEt! wE m!ght hve @ nEw * plyer!!!!!!!!
(Translation: LOL Jones, you should be here!!! Arthur's doing great! We might have a new star player!!!!!!!!!)


I stopped at the last one she sent me, she texted it right (aside from the caps locks) and… she said Arthur… got hurt? I felt my whole body tense. I then went to the coach's text and that's what really made my heart stop.

{6:00} COACH: Alfred, your friend Arthur Kirkland is wounded badly; he was rushed off to the hospital. I'll tell you the details in person.

I grabbed my bombers jacket and put my shoes back on and ran out the door grabbing my keys and hopped onto motorcycle, I revved it to life and put the helmet on quickly then ripped apart the street driving faster than the speed of light, or in my mind I was, and got to the hospital in 10 minutes flat. I parked in the back of the hospital and rushed into the door leaving a trail of moonlight behind me as I stormed up to the front desk.

"Arthur Kirkland! What room is he in? What's his condition?? Is he okay?! What happened??" The women behind the desk looked at me and pulled out a ear bud from her ear and said one word

"Huh?" I felt anger boil up inside me and yelled at her

"WHERE IS ARTHUR KIRKLAND?!" Her eyes widen and everything was quiet, people who were passing by had stopped to stare at me, and the women cleared her throat a bit terrified. I felt my whole body suddenly stop coiling up. She clicked her keyboard and said in a mousy voice

"A-Are you a family member?" I opened my mouth to say no but stopped and calmed myself, and thought about this. If I said no, she would surely say I couldn't see him. So I guess lying at this moment would be okay,

"Yes. I'm his older brother Scott." She looked at me but decided to go with it and told me the room he was in, and said he was still in critical condition and was in surgery; she also told me what happened.

Apparently Arthur was doing great, that my team-mates said he was on fire. Best he's been all season, not that he was bad he was really our number one pitcher, but he was also running faster, and batting better. They said he had fire in his eyes, and so much of it that must be why he was playing with so much spirit, as if to make up for my absence. But… the other team could easily tell that with Arthur playing so well, they would lose. And so they decided when he was up to bat, to nail him right in the face. Mainly because Arthur's head was turned to them and his helmet was always a bit too big, and with the space it nailed him and his eyes was seriously hurt not to mention that he was hit so hard he took off his helmet, and then in all the confusion and pain he hit the back of his head on the closest goal board leg.

His head had hit the concrete earlier, and sadly unlike me his skull isn't as thick. He fractured it. Now who knows what was wrong with him. I was practically pacing back and forth my phone off, this time, on purpose.  It must have been a bit past 11 when I dozed off. I woke up to someone's shaking and saw my mom.

"Alfred what on earth are you doing here?? You should be at home! Do you know how worried we were when you wouldn't pick up your cell phone??" I sit up and look at the clock, its 1:30 in the morning. I groaned and felt the bandage I had gotten earlier here and my mom had concern and her honey shadded brown hair was in a bun, while my father was glaring down a bit at me with such mixed blue to gray eyes. Both still wearing their fancy clothes from their fancy date.

"Sorry mom… it's just Arthurs here and I had to see him but he's in surgery, can I please stay here until he's out??" She sighed a bit sadly and looked down sadness now held her eyes. My dad put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it making my heart beat faster and my whole body started getting cold.

"Alfred… son… I'm afraid that Arthur has entered a coma while under surgery. His current state is unknown whether he will be able to wake or not." I shake my head and hear his words repeat, and repeat. Again and again slowing down in my head. No… no their lying. I stood and they looked at me, filled with concern again and also sadness.

"No, you're lying. Arthurs too strong! This isn't fair!!!" I glare at them and clench my fist, anger now filling me.

"Alfred, it's true. I'm sorry. But… sometimes these things happen, it happens all over the world-"

"But he's been through ENOUGH! He lost his parents! He's been through enough!" I feel my voice waver and can hear it crack. I hold back the tears and say in something like a weak whisper "…he's too strong. Arthur would never leave me like that…I should've been their…" I felt them embrace me but still felt so cold.

They took me to his room and when I saw him in that bed, with bandages and a IV in him and that sound 'beep…beep…beep…beep…' it reminded me of the clock at school. But this time I hoped it wouldn't ring with a long beep. I asked them to let me spend the night, and after a exchange of worried looks, they sympathized with me and allowed me to stay by his side. I watched the rise and fall of his chest, and found myself thinking of things I still wanted to do with him, say to him. My phone vibrated, my parents made me turn it on, and I saw it was a call from Mattie.

"Hello?" My voice sounded dead. Matt paused on the other line then said in a cautious voice

"Hey Al… I heard what happened. I'm so sorry bro, I hope he'll be okay. I'm coming back tomorrow, so is Francis. Everythings gonna get better, okay?" I know I should be all excited, but even the sound of my bro coming back didn't really…. Make this seem any less terrible

"Cool… thanks." I tried to sound excited but failed miserably. He could tell and said one last thing before hanging up

"I heard how you two have become so close. Francis said talking to him in his sleep is a good way to keep him company, his parents did it all the time." Then he hung up without another word. I put my phone away and scooted closer to him. His eye that was hit was swollen but not as bad as I would've thought. I watched his peaceful face and thought about what Mattie had just told me. Would that really work? … Guess it's worth a shot.

"Hey… Arthur, how ya doing?... Okay I guess that was a kinda stupid question… but still…" I leaned in a bit and brushed his bangs out of his face and continued "I don't know what to say. All I can think right now is how much I want you to wake up, I miss ya so much already dude. Your… your really important to me and I'm actually…" I stop. Can I say it? I never ever have told anyone this, because the hero does never feel this way. "I'm scared. I'm scared Arthur, this is worse than any scary movie, worse then you're cooking- worse than Francis! Arthur… Artie please come back! I don't know what I'll do if you stay like this forever! I'm sorry I failed you, I couldn't be your hero!"

I feel my eyes burning again. My stomach is churning. I close my eyes and grab hold of his sheets on his chest holding them tightly and say in such a pleading voice

"Arthur I need you with me or else I might die! Please Arthur! Your… you're the bestest friend I have!" I keep my eyes closed as I'm holding onto him like he's what's holding me to the earth.

"Bestest…isn't a word…git." My eyes snap open and I hear his raspy voice say again "D-Do I have to correct you every time…you use that idiotic word?" his eyes are slowly opening and I feel my heart beat faster seeing those bright, green leafy eyes.

"A-Arthur? Your awake!!!" I pull him into a hug being careful not hurt him and let those damned tears fall. "Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur! Why'd ya have to hit your head you – you jerk!" I start sobbing and feel his hand awkwardly pat my back and after a few minutes I pull back, a few tears falling still.

"I'm sorry…" His eyes are watering and he puts a hand on my cheek and he says in a quiet voice "I'm sorry Al… I just wanted to see your smiling face when I told you we won… I never wanted to make you cry…" I wipe his tears and feel something pulling me closer and I suddenly all these memories of my few weeks with Arthur since summer started. When he flew a kite with me, when he saved me from almost drowning in the lake, when we tried out for baseball together, had sleep over, played video games, went to the movies, went to McDonalds, went to punk rock concerts, picnics in the park, feeding the birds together, everything.

"Arthur, I think I'm in love with you." I don't even think about it before I had said that and then as he had a confused look I pressed my lips to his warm chapped ones. I keep my eyes open but narrowed  a bit and he's immediately shocked but is stillness. He doesn't encourage it but doesn't stop it. I take a few more seconds enjoying the feeling and then pull back. We're both taking deep breathes and his face is red just like Antonio's tomatoes, and mine probably is just as red.

"Alfred… w-what was that?" I smile and lean in so close our noses are touching and he's still a bit shaky and I whisper

"A kiss." And I kiss him again, but this time he kisses back and I put my hands on his cheeks and deepen the kiss sliding my tongue past his lips that are now fully revived and he lets me take control and I start massaging his tongue and he moans which turns me on a bit but soon we pull back for air and a small thin trail of saliva keeps us connected.

"Me too…" I blink and look at him raising a eyebrow and he looks away his bangs covering his face. "I-I think I'm in love with you too… Alfred…" I grin and he turns back to me frowning "B-But don't think this means I'll be all lovey dovey with you and be your damsel in distress like your stupid super hero comics say!" I smile and chuckle a bit and take his chin brushing my lips against his forehead

"Oh shut it you English dork." He looks offended but his cheeks tint to a shade of pink

"Why don't you, you 'American Idiot?'" He smirks a bit and I laugh and so does he. I think things will be getting better for us now.

[4 Weeks Later]

We were here. The finals, Arthur had insisted he played, and I supported him, as his boyfriend. I watched as he winded up the pitch and-

"Oh the un-beatable Arthur Kirkland got ANOTHER one out!" I grinned and our whole team cheered, "Lets see if this team can pull out all the stops and win this game! But it'll take a miracle as they have to send someone up to bat who can get a home run!" Arthur comes in the dug out and receives high fives and cheers. He sits next to me and I put my arm around him and smile

"Nice dude!" He blushes and looks away embaressed, hes sooo cute!!!

"Hahaha good job Cheri!!!~" We both look up in the stands and see the notiorious Francis Bonnefoy, with his new found love Mattie, my bro, and then Arthurs bros, Scott, the red head, Neggi, the brunette, and Peter the kid! Then I see my parents too and their all cheering.

"Go get them Al." I turn and see him smiling with that fire back in his eyes. I grin and stand up and everyone wishes me lucky giving me my special bat with the alien on it, I call it Tony.

"Up to bat is… oh well its their star batter, Alfred F. Jones!" I grin and wave to everyone and get up to the plate, loosening up, trying not to feel nervous but then put my bat in the air

"This is for you Artie!" I grin and wink his way and he blushes rolling his eyes. Then the ball flies past me in a flash

"Strike ONE!" Says the catcher I blink and gasp

"Oops. Hehe" I smile a bit nervously seeing Mattie face palm his self. I frown and sigh but then put my serious look on and get ready. The pitcher, Sebastian Michaelis winds up with a evil grin, hes famous for the Phantomhive team as a bad ass pitcher. I tightly grip the bat and he pauses a second, his red eyes darted to me and then releases and the ball travels so fast I think it might burst into flames but I narrow my eyes and swing so hard I almost pull a muscle and hear a ding.

"Oh my this is a first! The ball has made a huge dent in the metal bat! But it sure did send the ball flying!" I open my eyes that I didn't realize were closed and see the ball flying out of the stands and then after a few moments of silence the crowd roars into cheers. I smile and drop my bat jogging the bases waving to everyone and smiling so widely.

After I run them my team comes to great me. They dunk the coke on me (I preferred that anyway) and all patted me on the back. Arthur was the last to see me and I smirked.

"Soooo? Didn't I ROCK???" I grin so wide and he smiles and punches my arm

"Yes indeed. You 'rocked'." He pulled me by the single strand of hair that stood up from my cowlick and that made me knees quiver for some reason and kissed me. After a few moments he let go and our family and friends came to greet us and congratulating us. Including Toris and Kiku! I smiled hugging them and then someone yelled "Speech!" and I laughed.

"You want a speech? 'Kay heres my speech! I thank all of my team mates, my family, my friends, and… my boyfriend Arthur Kirkland, he's the BESTEST ever!!!" everyone laughed, some a bit awkward but smiling still and I pulled Arthur into a hug ruffling his hair "I love ya dude…" he blushed and mumbled

"Your…the bestest too…" I smiled and we shared another kiss and everyone cheered. That was the bestest summer ever.
I KNOW BESTEST ISNT A WORD... Read the story and you'll see why I said bestest... though it is a word in my dictionary... :iconicameplz:

:iconhawtamericaplz: Anyway this is my entry for UKUS :iconukus: contest, I just hope I did okay! >_< Baseballs a summer activity right? And its Americas passtime sport so...I thought it'd be a good idea!

And just in case you dont know Sebastian is from Black Butler, just a little crossover ^^ and ya theres Franada here~ And I used all their real names, but the dean/Principle is The Roman Empire, sadly he has no offical name :iconohnoplz:

But ya if you have any questions just let me know, hope you liked it!!! :) I really worked hard on it, so be a bit thoughtful? Lol but ya... USUK!!!! :iconenglandrapefaceplz::heart::iconhetaliaamericaplz:

:iconblisslawliet::Me is tha aurthor~ :heart:
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I love this so much because I'm Alfred in my Hetalia group of friends. eve
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Cute story, really nicely written!
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